Dear friends,

You might have heard that Outside magazine was sold recently to a large publishing group backed by venture capital. You also might have heard that the print editions of Powder, Snowboarder, and Surfer magazines were closed by their owner, also backed by venture capital. Adventure Journal remains one of the few independent, high-quality publishers serving the outdoor recreation culture, making decisions based on what’s best for readers and not the profit margin, and I am determined to keep it that way.

But to be brutally honest, we really can’t do it without your help—and by “help” I mean subscribing to AJ in print. I thank my lucky stars and the generosity of our core supporters that we were able to survive the last year, but we have not yet reached the threshold of long-term sustainability.

Despite extremely low overhead, AJ is expensive to make. Our digital budget is pared to the bone and it still costs us $2,500 a week to run the site. Our print budget doesn’t allow us to pay contributors to travel, nor assign many photo shoots just for AJ. Were we to lose one advertiser, we would feel pain.

The solution is simple: We need more paid subscribers to the journal. This isn’t a big ask. We save our best stories and photos for print, and our print stories only appear in print. 300,000 people visit our free website every month. 40,000 read our free Daily Digest. Yet we still only have 5,500 subscribers.

Our ideal level of readership is between 8,000 and 10,000. If just one percent of our monthly readers signed up, we’d be there. If every one of you who’s been thinking about subscribing did so today, we’d be there. Please, do it.

We don’t discount, but we do offer free shipping, and if you subscribe today and include the current issue, we’ll give you a free three-pack of our pocket notebooks. I promise you will be thrilled.

Let’s keep indie media indie! If you love adventure, you will love AJ quarterly. SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

Steve Casimiro
Editor and Founder

PS: We just printed the summer issue, are binding it today, and will be sending it next week. Current subscribers who have a change of address should respond to this email ASAP.

Want to help a bit more? You can donate directly to the cause here.

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