What’s the Bare Minimum of Training You Can Do To Get Fitter On the Bike ?

Now this is a great question. Who doesn’t love finding out they might be able to get away with doing less of something? Our friends at the Global Cycling Network, serious, dedicated road bike wonks, were curious how much of their daily grind on a bike was helping, and how much was just a grind.

What they discovered will be music to the ears of the time-crunched. 30 second high intensity interval training is all you need to get fitter. That can be as few as one session per week if you’re not at all fit, or 3-5 if you already are fit. There are of course lots of different version of fit. Endurance athletes, for example, will benefit from hours in the saddle because there’s no shortcut to being fit enough to ride hard for hours at a time. But if general fitness is your goal, with incremental upticks in your fitness level, less might be way, way more.

Watch their video below to see how this all works.

Photo: Mizzi Westphal

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