Smartwool Will Recycle Your Old Nasty Socks, Even if They Didn’t Make Them

Give us your socks, says Smartwool. All of them. The used ones, that is, with holes, threadbare and tattered, forgotten, even treated with disdain, at the back of your sock drawer.

Smartwool will collect these socks and shred them into their constituent fibers. To make new socks, you say, yes, brilliant. Well, no. That is very likely way too expensive and maybe impossible. Smartwool is turning your old socks into dog beds. Which makes sense, because dogs love eating socks almost as much as they love eating bacon.

Starting on April 21, and lasting through May 2, select retailers will have bins for you to toss your old socks into. Maybe with a couple phantom dribbles as though you’re at the foul line; a between the legs dribble to a step back jumper is always fun; drop it in the breadbasket of your wide receiver streaking down the sideline. Or just, you know, casually put the socks in the bin, it’s up to you, really.

The bins are temporary. But starting April 21, you can opt in to receive a pre-paid bag to recycle socks when making a purchase at Smartwool.com and mail the socks back, and this will be a permanent option.

Photo: Nick Page

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