One of Our Fave Polar Stories and Our Own Justin Housman Appear in New Doc

Do you know the Ralph Plaisted story? It’s fantastic. We covered him a couple years back in our Historical Badass column, but here’s a brief summary. In 1968, Plaisted and his crew of decidedly not practiced or even competent, really, polar adventurers were almost certainly the first people to reach the North Pole. They did it based on a bar challenge. One of Plaisted’s friends dared him to try to reach the pole with a newfangled machine called a Ski-Doo. Plaisted took him up on it. The very essence of adventure, the men had no idea, nobody did then, that the man who is still today credited with reaching the pole first, Robert Peary, most likely never made it to the pole. They went just for the hell of it. The purest form of adventure.

Discovery Plus has just released a documentary about the adventure, “First to the Top of the World,” and it’s full of archival footage and interviews with family and friends. Our online editor Justin Housman appears throughout the film as one of the subject matter experts, if we do say so ourselves.

You have to subscribe to Discovery Plus to watch it, but as with any streaming service, they’ll kick you a free trial.

Here’s a peek.

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