Hyundai’s New Mini Truck, the Santa Cruz—Whaddya Think?

The last Ford Ranger that most would associate with the term Ford Ranger, the previous generation compact truck, not the bloated mid-size you can buy today, rolled off the assembly line in 2011. Since then, the proper compact truck, a truck loosely the size of a car, just with a bed and better ground clearance, has been sorely missed. You can get an old one, sure, but there are only so many vintage Toyota pickups, Mitsubishi Mighty Maxes, Mazda B-Series, and Isuzu P-ups on Craigslist.

Car manufacturers know there’s a vocal market for truly compact trucks out there, but they’ve mostly ignored their cries. Until now. Sorta. The new Hyundai Santa Cruz is here, and, well, it’s definitely compact, and it’s a truck, in a sense. You can fit one cooler and a loaf of bread in the bed, but there’s a bed (we kid, but the bed is only about 10 inches shorter than that in the much bigger Ford Ranger). It has AWD, the bed can hold 660 pounds, there are tie downs galore, and a 115-volt outlet back there. From some angles, it does resemble a truck. Oh, and Hyundai calls it a “Sport Adventure Vehicle.”

The looks of this truck will certainly cause a reaction. Like it or hate it, it’s the only compact truck out there, until Ford releases the Maverick, which rumors suggest will be loosely the same size as the previous gen Ranger.

See all the details, here.

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