Gray Wolf From Oregon Embarks on Epic 500-Mile Journey

For months now OR-93, a gray wolf from Oregon sporting a collar with a GPS locator has been on a serious trek south, with a huge audience of wildlife watchers tracking his move. The two-year-old wolf was born near Mt Hood, Oregon, but for reasons unknown, has beelined south in recent months.

As of today, his collar shows him to be in Monterey County, California, roughly 100 miles south of the San Francisco Bay Area. OR-93 has crossed two of California’s busiest freeways, Interstate 5 and CA-99 at various points over his journey.

He trekked down from the Cascades through to the Sierra Nevada mountains, passed close to Yosemite, then made for the coast, crossing the Central Valley and those two massive freeways.

Researchers aren’t sure if he’s simply following prey, or if perhaps there have previously been wolves in the areas he’s moved through and he’s following their scent. Wolves have only very recently begun to reappear in California, with the first documented wolf entering the state in 2011. They are native to much of California.

You can track his movements, here.

Photo: California Department of Fish and Wildlife

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