Garden of the Gods Park Bans All Kinds of Climbing Chalk as Crowds Boom

The Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a popular climbing destination. Big red rock walls are the attraction. Those red rock walls though are increasingly blotched with climbing chalk. So, Colorado Springs has banned the use of all chalk and chalk substitutes in the park.

From the city’s announcement:

Taking into account the number of rock climbers that scale Garden of the Gods each year, even the smallest of traces left behind from individual climbers, such as chalk marks or dust, can create monumental impacts. By eliminating the use of chalk and chalk substitutes, rock climbers at the park will play a role in keeping the Garden’s extraordinary rock structures sustainable and stunning for years to come.

Colorado Springs also manages nearby climbing areas like Red Rock Canyon, Cheyenne Canyon, and Ute Valley Park, but as of now, non-white chalk substitutes are still allowed there.

Photo: Bugeater/Flickr

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