A water bottle for a bike is the simplest thing. A plastic vessel you fill up and slap into a bottle cage and go. Maybe it has a bite valve, maybe a twist valve, maybe you’ve washed it in the past six months, maybe you haven’t. But that’s pretty much all there is to say about them.

But now there’s Bivo, a stainless steel bottle with a grippy, tactile feel and a smooth valve that flows great, and suddenly, the water bottle is worth caring about. It seems like the kind of thing one wouldn’t really appreciate all that much, but this little bottle is worth a look.

For one thing, you don’t have to squeeze it. You can suck through the valve, or turn it upside down. A gravity flow valve and a bottle-length straw does the work for you. A small thing until you try it. Then, there’s the cleaning. Stainless steel is resistant to mold, stains (duh) and the top and the lid and straw can go in the dishwasher. Easy peasy. The 21 ounce bottle is coated in silicone, so it’s super grippy too. Bivo claims the silicone keeps the bottle from rattling in a bottle cage, but that hasn’t been my experience—it rattles. A *little* less than plastic, I suppose.


In the past, I’d just reach for any of my countless plastic water bottles lying around, not caring which bottle I grabbed, when heading out for a ride. I will actually hunt around for the Bivo now when riding, because I like it that much. When my toddler wants to drink out of a bike bottle, I’d normally steer her away from my plastic bottles, which are harboring more bacteria than a Pfizer petri dish, but I happily hand her my Bivo.

It’s just a bottle, but we like it so much, we’re recommending you check it out. And the company is 100% carbon neutral. Pretty dang cool.

It has come to our attention that many people chafe at the idea of a $40 water bottle. That’s fine! We all have our own idea of value. The bottle is $39. That’s twice or three times what a run of the mill plastic water bottle costs. That’s significant. But if you’re bummed when you see a big ‘ole bin of plastic bottles near the cashier at your LBS, just imagining all those bottles floating in the ocean at some point in the future, maybe a stainless steel bottle you can have for the rest of your cycling life appeals. It does to us. But drink outta whatever you like!

BUY • $39

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