This Month, Primus Will Send Free Repair Parts to Keep Your Stove Firing

For the rest of the month, Primus will send you needed parts to repair a Primus stove, for free, in a bid to keep stoves out of landfills and to remind users that you can fix things when they break. How novel. Seriously.

“Today’s throw-away culture is driven by mass consumerism and the thought that products are disposable,” said Becky Day, marketing manager, Primus. “At Primus, we’ve never subscribed to this idea, and we have prioritized serviceability in our design process for more than a century to keep our stoves running in top shape. This not only allows our stoves to become lifelong companions, but it’s also a more sustainable option.”

We couldn’t agree more.

If you own a Primus stove and it needs a little tune-up, or just to read about how thoughtful companies are turning away from pointless consumption, head here for details.

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