There’s a Good Chance Your Mountain Bike Is Too Big For You

Lee McCormack, better known on the interweb as Lee Likes Bikes, teaches newbs and lifers how to ride mountain bikes. As his job. Pretty cool. That means he’s thought and written more about the most efficient and easiest ways to ride than most. One of the things Lee has noticed over the years is that bike sizing is getting bigger and bigger. Today’s medium is yesterday’s large, according to Lee.

So he’s developed an easy system to size bikes, what he calls the RAD (Rider Area Distance) measurement, which is the distance from the bottom bracket to the grips, basically. Once you dial in that number, according to Lee, it doesn’t matter how long and slack the bike is, or what the official size chart from bike brands say, you can easily tell if a bike fits by measuring that distance and comparing it to your personal RAD number.

Check out this video, which is a full-blown tutorial.

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