California Gets New 300-Mile Trail Network in God’s Country

California’s most majestic mountain scenes get most of the outdoor press: cathedral spires on the John Muir Trail; the granite walls of Yosemite; Mt. Shasta poking a 14,000-foot hole in the sky. But the state is loaded with plenty of mountain goodness in less heralded, less elevated locations. Lots of which will soon be mapped for dirt-worshipping cyclists, equestrians, moto riders, hikers, hunters, you name it, to explore with the new Lost Sierra Route. The route connects trail networks in the Sierra and Cascade ranges, and is intended for use by all mountain lovers, developed by the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship.

The idea is to provide a sort of curated trail network to link some of the West’s most beautiful places, but also to link communities and provide a little economic spark in isolated communities that can use it. The trails will dip into downtowns offering opportunities to refuel weary travelers, and to stock up on supplies. If your knowledge of California is limited to the better known outdoor magnets, the lower Cascades, and the richly forested slopes of Gold Country will wow you with seemingly endless opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Check out this video for a little more on the project.

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