Teach Kids to Think Bikes First With These DIY Mini Cargo Bike Sets

As kids, lots of us had toy cars and planes, maybe built balsa models of airplanes and ships, or glued plastic ones together before smashing them up treating them like action figures. But how many had awesome toy bikes? These little craft sets from Adeline O’Moreau, who makes bikes under the label Mercredi, are cute and potentially game changers for kids. Imagine what a sweet little craft bike might do for the imagination of a child who gets one of these as a gift, rather than a toy car? Or heck, imagine how much fun it might be to put this together just for yourself, your own little model cargo bike.

You can download a pdf of instructions to make one, or a thousand, of these bikes at AdelineOMoreau.com

(h/t bikepacking.com)

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