Meet the Decal That Can Return Your Lost Gear to Your Doorstep

Pretty much every well-used trailhead in or near any outdoorsy town has a little lost and found section. A set of keys dangling from a lanyard looped around a trail sign, a running hat perched on a post, water bottles clustered at the foot of a mapboard. Sometimes, there’s legit expensive, painful to lose stuff in there. Bikelights, sunglasses, light jackets—stuff that can easily fall from a pack without noticing.

Used to be you might scribble your name and phone number on the tag of something you wanted returned if you lost it. But now, there’s this cool idea for a QR code-enabled sticker from a company called Karmik.

That “return and get reward” blurb really doing the heavy lifting here.

It’s pretty simple. You buy a decal for $4, it has a QR code printed on it. Scan the code, enter your info to create an account, and now the gear can be traced back to you. Drop your fishing net, trekking pole, etc., and somebody finds it, they see the decal, they scan the QR code indicating they’ve found it, and Karmik pings you to let you know. The finder provides their contact info so you can arrange to pick it up. The finder also gets a reward from Karmik, anything from an entry for free gear to Karmik-branded swag. Or, you can give the finder whatever you want.

We haven’t tried this yet, but the system makes a ton of sense. You can check out the decals and buy, if you like, at Karmik’s website.

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