Hikers Are Missing at Already Mysterious Dyatlov Pass, a Bizarre Turn

The pieces we’ve written about the mysterious death of nine hikers in 1959 at Russia’s Dyatlov Pass are some of the most read, most shared, and most argued over articles in the AJ archive. Which makes sense. Briefly: Nine hikers died, some brutally, after making camp after becoming lost attempting to cross a snowy pass in the Ural Mountains. Some where crushed, some died of hypothermia, the camp was torn to shreds.

Just last week, we covered some new information about what may have killed the hikers, a small, localized avalanche, but even that information was greeted with skepticism by those who suspect something malicious or far weirder killed the hikers.

And now, according to reports from Newsweek, citing a Russian media source, eight hikers from Moscow who’d headed to the site this week to pay tribute to the dead hikers (the incident is of deep cultural importance in Russia), failed to return and authorities have lost contact with them.

They were due back on Wednesday, and have yet to appear.

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