Dude Who Lost Wallet 50 Years Ago in Antarctica Has it Returned

Do you know where your wallet is right now, as you read this? I don’t. Could be on my nightstand, the little cubbyhole where we keep our keys by the front door, maybe the pocket of my pants I wore last night. I have a toddler who loves fiddling with it, so could be in the toilet for all I know. I’m reasonably sure it isn’t in Antarctica though. And if by some bizarre chance I found myself at the bottom of the world someday and in the rush to return back north, or south, I guess, same difference down there, to warmth and green trees I left my wallet there, I’d write it off as lost forever.

Paul Grisham, a San Diego man, probably felt the same way after visiting Antarctica in 1967 and misplacing his wallet.

He was a weather tech for the Navy, and, against his will, was shipped to the frozen continent. At some point he dropped his wallet behind a dresser and having no need for money or ID, he didn’t think to look for it. When he got home, a married father of two, the last thing he cared about was where his wallet ended up.

But in 2014, as the McMurdo research station was undergoing demolition, Grisham’s wallet was found behind a bookcase. It took some doing, but eventually the wallet made its way to a couple that had previously figured out how to return lost items in Antarctica to their owners, and they reunited Grisham with his little leathery time capsule.

It was still stuffed with a beer ration card issued to Grisham, with 21 punches left. Drinks are on him.

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