While We Wait For the Rivians, Here’s an All-Electric VW Bus

The Rivians are coming. The electric Sprinter vans are coming. The electric Ford Transit vans are (maybe) coming. The electric Audis, the VWs, the Bollingers, the Etheriums. Okay, I made that last one up. But there are, we’re pretty sure, dozens of EVs just over the horizon, waiting for…well, that’s unclear, but they’re coming. We guess. We’ve been told. For a few years now.

But, while we wait, there are the restomods. You can, should you have the cash, retrofit pretty much any vehicle you want with an all-electric powertrain. There are a handful of companies taking old Land Rovers and Scouts and Broncos and turning them into EVs. And there’s Zelectric, a California company that takes old air-cooled VWs and electrifies them into modern, clean, quiet, zippy rides.

This VW bus is an outstanding example. Yeah, it would cost close to $100k to buy the vintage bus, then have Zelectric mod it, but that doesn’t mean those of us who aren’t prepared to spend that kind of money can’t enjoy and fantasize a little. Just look at this sweet thing.

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