This Open Air Vermont Art Gallery Requires Skis or Snowshoes to Visit

Typically, nature is its own kind of art gallery when you’re traipsing around in skinny skis or snowshoes. But at the Highland Center for the Arts in Greensboro, Vermont, to see the art, you gotta strap in. Over the summer they installed pieces outside along a walking path as a way for people to experience what the gallery had to offer while social distancing and remaining outside.

This winter, they decided to do the same.

The pieces are spread over a two-mile loop over land that’s an organic herb farm during the milder months. On busy days and weekends, the staff builds bonfires for warmth and sells treats from a walk-up food counter.

“We had to have a hard look at what art would be like during the winter months in Vermont,” said Keisha Luce, the executive director of the Highland Center for the Arts. “We wanted to engage with our community and engage with the artists in our community and give them a spotlight. It’s probably something that we never would’ve thought of if it was not for the pandemic.”

There’s video of “gallery” goers snowshoeing through the installations here.

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