There’s a Lifted, Meaner-Looking Subaru Outback ‘Wilderness’ Coming in 2022

The Subaru Outback (as well as the taller, shorter Forester) already has impressive off-road chops from the factory. 8.7 inches of ground clearance, a terrific AWD system, plus X-Mode, a sophisticated software suite that outthinks terrain for even more traction. Not bad for, essentially, a station wagon.

But, we are firmly in the Overlanding era. Vehicles must be lifted. They must have AT tires. They must have skid plates. Most crucially, they need highly visible externally mounted shovels.

Subaru has taken note of this. They are reportedly releasing a Wilderness version of the Outback starting in 2022. We don’t know a whole lot, other than what we can see in photos of a mule version, plastered all over whatever your favorite car website is.

It’s clearly lifted above the standard 8.7 inches, and, more importantly, looks to have a shaved chin, which would help with the Outback’s atrocious approach angle. There appears to be a much tougher roof rack, no doubt to support rooftop tents without having to buy aftermarket rack equipment, and to show off that externally mounted shovel, of course.

h/t The Drive. More photos at the link.

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