Ooooh, a New Bike Rafting Guide Book Is In the Works

Steve “Doom” Fassbinder is a friend of AJ and we’re delighted he’s launching a guide book for all things bikerafting, with adventure journalist and fellow bikepacking guide Liz Scully. But it’s not just a guide book. It will also have adventure stories from bikerafting experts, including Roman Dial and Huw Oliver, among others.

Oh, right, bikerafting. Well, it’s bikepacking, but it’s also packrafting. When it’s time to paddle, the bike gets taken apart and stowed on the raft. When it’s time to ride, the raft is deflated and stowed away. When it’s time to hike a bike, well, that part sucks.

We’ll talk to Doom soon enough about this project to get the inside goods, but for now, check out their incredible launch video to lure folks into their Indiegogo campaign.

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