Mountain Bikers: Wanna Guess Which Injuries You’re Most Likely to Suffer?

Ever wonder as you’re about to nose over a bulbous rock garden leading to an off camber drop what injury you’re most likely to suffer if things got sideways? Well, the Enduro World Series has released a comprehensive study of the injuries its riders suffered over a two-year period a decade or so ago. It’s probably not a shock that broken clavicles were the norm, as well as busted hands. Concussions were the most common of head injuries reported.

Granted, these are pro enduro racers, so they’re probably going much faster than us workaday riders, and are at the very edge of their abilities. But a busted collarbone is a busted collarbone. And it’s interesting reading nonetheless.

You can read the whole study right here.

h/t Pinkbike

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