Here’s a Guy Skiing Down a Wave Mountain at Mavericks

Last week we posted a clip of Pete Mel riding one of the best waves of all time at Mavericks, the big-wave break in California that’s put on quite a show this winter.

Mavericks is a particularly mean wave that at certain sizes and conditions, can’t be paddled into, so surfers tow into the waves behind PWCs, gaining a tremendous advantage by not having to ride a massive board that’s built for paddling speed more than it is maneuvering.

Once you’re towing, surfboard design is a wildly different beast than when you’re paddling. For example, take Chuck Patterson here. He’s not even bothering with a surfboard at all, but instead, has strapped into his trusty big-wave skis. This is not a new thing for Patterson, he’s been at this skiing in the ocean game for years now. This is a great wave for him though, and can’t possibly be as easy as it looks.

Again, video is from Powerlines Productions, an outfit with hours of incredible Mavericks footage.

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