European Car Market Is Now Just Mocking Us With Their Electric Vans

The Nissan NV series of cargo vans are already sleeper hits for camper conversions. Cheap, reliable, spacious. The holy trinity of camper van characteristics. Add in an electric drivetrain, and you have a fourth pillar to add to the trinity. An, um, quadrinity? Anyway, in Europe, you can get vans so much cooler than we can have here. Rad little compact vans, and big e-vans, the mind reels. Like the little Nissan e-NV200.

And now, Nissan Europe is showing off a winterized e-NV200 camper package. The Nissan Camper Technology Luxury Kit — how did they come up with such a brilliant name? — tacks on some better winter tires and increased ride height and, according to Nissan anyway, boom, an e-camper you can use to camp out at the finest ski resort parking lots. In Europe only, of course.

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