Did You Know AeroPress Makes a Camp-Friendly Travel Coffeemaker?

The AeroPress is already pretty travel friendly considering it’s lightweight and a tough plastic. But they also make the AeroPress Go, a streamlined version of its bigger, kitchen-oriented sibling. It’s magnificent.

The AeroPress go is slightly smaller than the standard model—it makes a max of 8 ounces of coffee per press, rather than 10. But that’s fine considering lots of people use these essentially as espresso makers, and make about a shot’s worth of coffee, and top it off with hot water. It’s also fine because those two ounces are a small sacrifice worth making for the convenience of the travel size.

The Go version is essentially the regular AeroPress that nests inside a travel mug. That’s it. It’s brilliant and simple and perfect for camping. Check out this review video below to see it in action.

• BUY $32

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