The Weird, Wonderful World of ‘Desert Oracle’ Is a Podcast We Like

Ever listen to Art Bell? His “Coast to Coast AM” broadcast was syndicated in a zillion radio stations across the country and if you, like me, were a curious kid often awake way too late at night in the late 80s and early 90s, you listened to Bell’s show about aliens and Bigfoot and time travel. It was comforting, weird, and a little radio adventure all in one.

Well, that’s what Ken Layne’s “Desert Oracle” is like too. Maybe not quite as freaky as Bell’s show, but pretty dang similar. Layne broadcasts out of Joshua Tree, California, fixating on all-things Mojave Desert. He touches on UFOS, of course, but also the peculiar goings on way, way out in the hottest middle of nowhere. If you ever find yourself driving very late at night through the emptiest of Nevada, say, or Utah, you want Desert Oracle playing on your stereo. Trippy music, Layne’s zonked-out nasal-y monotone keeping you company, and alerting you to the possibility of the unexplainable happening. Or just to the fate of joshua trees.

“Desert Oracle” is also a quarterly publication and now a book, which we’ll review soon enough, but the podcast is available on iTunes, and is, well, just listen to it.

Pick up the book at: Amazon; Bookshop

– Justin Housman

Photo: Steve Harvey/Unsplash

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