The Drop Bar Fat Bike Raises the Question: What’re You Looking At?

Michigan’s Bearclaw Bicycles, founded by Chet Bearclaw, makes some bikes, alright. Mostly titanium, all pretty sweet looking, all looking for a little adventure. They’ve just released two new bikes, the Hardtail Mountain Bike (“This is the greatest Hardtail Mountain Bike frame ever created,” says Chet, if he does say so himself), and the TOWMAK, which is what we’re really interested in here.

The TOWMAK is a titanium fat bike with drop bars. Flared drops, but drop bars all the same.

You got a problem with that?

No, really, do you? It’s an, if nothing else, interesting proposition. People have put drop bars on fat bikes before, but an expensive titanium-framed fatty built around being a drop bar bike is, well, it’s a choice. The SRAM Rival 1 build is the budget version at about $5k. The SRAM XX1 is just under $8500. Frame alone will run you a little over $2k.

Frankly, I don’t know what to make of this thing. It looks badass. Looks mean. Looks like the name Bearclaw sounds. Hard to imagine a scenario in which you’d need tires like that, and fairly aggressive-looking geo, but also want drop bars. Bikepacking over non-technical dirt, maybe. Snow?

Kudos to Bearclaw for making niche bikes like this, the world needs more of this kinda thing.

Justin Housman

Photos from Bearclaw website

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