That Kit You Wanted to Convert Your Bike Into an E-Snowmobile Is Here Now

Sure, you could get on an e-bike with fat tire for some snow floating action, but why fat bike when you can, uh, snowmobile bike? Snowmobike?

A company called Envo has come up with a conversion kit that replaces your bike wheel with a snowmobile track, powered by your existing drivetrain, though goosed with an electric motor, and, should the snow be soft enough, a ski replaces your front wheel.

According to Envo, it’s a fairly simple swap for the rear wheel; the track bolts right onto your existing dropouts, at least in theory.

The motor is pedal assist, though it also comes with a throttle so you can move without pedaling. Top speed is reportedly about 11 mph, and you can get about 6 miles before needing a recharge. The whole experience will run you about $2k. Intrigued? A little bit?

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