Monolith Disappears in Utah, Another Appears in Romania, Whoops, It’s Gone Too

Last week the whole world took a serious interest in the otherwise oft-ignored southern Utah desert when a 10-foot metal monolith was discovered. That remoteness did not stop people from somehow figuring out where it was and venturing out to try to get a much closer look.

And then, *poof*, it was gone.

Photographer Ross Bernards went to visit the monolith and was stunned to see a group of visitors topple the monolith, break it into pieces, and cart it away. “This is why you don’t leave trash in the desert,” said one of the removers, according to Bernards, before finishing with “leave no trace.”

Equally mysteriously, another monolith appeared while the one in Utah still stood, this time in Romania, facing Mount Ceahlau. But, under the cover of darkness, this one vanished too.

Will this be the end? Have the artists, or the aliens, or the alien artists satisfied themselves? Time will tell.

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