Have it Your Way With the Benchmade Bugout, a Great Little Customizable EDC

Everyday carry knives are very personal and subjective. For some, the blade buried within a multitool is the only EDC that makes sense. For others, your author included, a bulky multitool is silly to cart around everyday, and something that makes it into a backcountry pack less and less these days. I prefer a slim, light knife that I can forget I’m carrying, but that will get the job done. In my case, that’s usually cutting fishing line, shaving tinder, peeling an orange, slicing onions and peppers at a trailside kitchen.

And for all that and more, the Benchmade Bugout has become my EDC. I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon.

Thing weighs less than two ounces. The blade is 3.24 inches long, overall length is about 7.5 inches when blade is extended. At its thickest point, the base of the clip, it’s maybe three-quarters of an inch. The standard blade is CPM-S30V steel and you can choose black or grey finish. The clip is reversible, the manual action is smooth and easy to operate one-handed, and the polymer handle is comfortable and grippy.

It’s darn near perfect in terms of practicality and ease of use.

Since, as I said, EDCs are extremely subjective, you can really make this one your own with Benchmade’s customization system. For  $150, you can buy the standard Bugout, but for $20 more, at least to start, you can choose drop point or serrated drop point, the color of the blade, the handle, the axis color, the screw color, even add laser mark of just about whatever you want.

Everyone needs a good knife, and the best, safest knife, is the one you have on you that you can comfortably use. That’s the Bugout.

The standard Bugout, provided you like a light blue handle, is on sale at REI for $129 right now.

Get yours customized, like I did with red handle, blue thumb lug, and black blade, for $170.


– Justin Housman

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