Today, Especially Today, Is a Good Day For Watching the Polar Bear Cam

Well, it’s that time. The big week in November where it all goes down. The one we’ve been waiting for for so long now, holding our breath with anticipation, tossing and turning during sleepless nights. It’s finally here.

Polar Bear Week.

Every year in Churchill, Canada, on the shores of Hudson Bay, hundreds of polar bears gather, part of their annual migration. Polar Bear International has helped set up a camera there, so that we, comfy and warm and nowhere near the icy shores of Hudson Bay in November, may watch these beautiful animals pass through.

In addition to the wonderful camera, Polar Bears Internation has a slate of programs this week, which you can check out here. Also, if there are no bears lolling about when you check out the cam, you can find highlights, here.

Top photo: © BJ Kirschhoffer / Polar Bears International

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