Smash a Brick, Get a Knife, Experience Catharsis

How badly have you wanted to smash something this year? A lot, right? Do you need a new every day carry blade? Well, BRIK might be just the thing for ya.

For $30, you get a brick with an unknown knife inside. Smash open the brick in any way you like, and voila, there’s your knife. Each knife comes with a code, some of which can be redeemed for a much better knife, over the $100 price point. Even if you don’t win, you still have a nice little blade and you got that release of brick smashing.

BRIK doesn’t reveal the knives in the bricks ahead of time, but they do list models inserted in previous batches of BRIKS. Benchmade, Gerber, Kershaw, CRKT, and lots of other high quality brands have been in there in the past.

Really hate this year? They’ve made a “F*CK 2020” brick just for you.

Check ’em out, here. If they’re sold out, fear not, another batch will be on the way soon.

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