When we first walked around the Rivian RT1 all-electric pickup at OR a couple summers ago, we were impressed. So impressed I asked if I could have it. Just drive off with it right there. Hey, you never know if you don’t ask! Think of the marketing potential! I told the random Rivian engineer who was carefully watching my every move.

“No,” they said.

One of the engineers said the pickup was planned to start at $69,000, with the SUV, the R1S, priced a little higher, probably around $75,000. That was a whole lot more than zero, I explained, and walked away empty handed.


Not before we did a thorough walk around and tire kicking though. The RT1 looks every bit worth that price tag. The interior has that no-nonsense Tesla minimalist vibe, the body looked clean, rugged, and, frankly, badass. For an electric truck with off-road capability to start at less than $70,000 seemed fairly unbelievable, simply considering that it was the first one of the much-anticipated EV trucks to come close to the market.

Well, turns out, it’s priced a little less than expected.

The R1T in all three trim levels. For now, anyway. A larger battery is expected to be offered…eventually. Photo: Rivian website.

Rivian just announced the pricing and trim level details for both the pickup and the SUV. The truck starts at $67,500, and the people hauler goes for $70k. Of course, those are the base models. The highest of high ends go for $77,500 for the fully specced-out SUV.

A lot of money, yes.

But you’re getting a rig that reportedly can go 300 miles on a charge, with the off-road chops you need to get wherever you could possibly want to go, provided it’s within 300 miles of a charger, of course.

Patent drawing of the external battery pack.

Though, in an interesting development, Rivian has filed a patent for a big giant battery pack that will fit in the bed of the pickup. The patent doesn’t discuss how many kilowatt hours the pack has, or what the expected range boost will be. And it will likely cost a whole lot of money to throw in when buying a Rivian.

But if it boosts range by even a hundred miles, suddenly range anxiety is a much smaller issue.


Rivian is expecting to start delivering the R1T in June, 2021, the SUV the following year.

Top photo: Rivian

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