Mountain Bike-Loving Bentonville, Arkansas, Will Pay You $10k to Move There

“It’s Pleasantville for a mountain biker and it’s a region with people behind it that are willing to do whatever it takes to grow the sport,” said Pinkbike’s Daniel Sapp this summer in an article about Bentonville, Arkansas, which has recently secured the trademark for “Mountain Bike Capital of the World.”

Avid mountain bikers have probably heard whispers of Bentonville as a destination, but, at least for the Northwest Arkansas Council, not enough mountain bikers with good job experience have moved to Bentonville to live, so they’re sweetening the pot.

For the next six months, they’re committed to spending a million bucks attracting young professionals to the area with $10,000 cash and $600 toward the purchase of a new bike. They’re gearing for remote workers, and, in fact, you must have a full-time remote job to be considered. You also must be willing and able to move within the next six months. You also must be 24 years old with at least two years of full-time work experience.

It’s not just Bentonville, either. You can move anywhere within Benton and Washington Counties, which includes the bustling college town of Fayetteville. But to take advantage of the riding, you really wanna be in Bentonville. And if you like Walmart, you’re in luck, the retail behemoth is based there.

For more details, or to apply, click here.

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