REI Boosts Used Gear Store With Trade-In Credits for Your Old Stuff

REI joined the used gear marketplace in 2018 with their program that sold recently returned gear at a pretty solid discount. When people returned gear that they’re recently bought but didn’t like, for whatever reason, REI cleaned it up and sold it at a discount, keeping it from landfills. As a returner you didn’t get anything for your troubles, but as a customer you could find good deals.

Now REI is upping their game a bit, by offering trade-in credit for REI members. Bring in a garment or piece of gear, and, if you’re a member of the co-op, they’ll offer you an REI gift card for whatever they say your old stuff is worth.

The co-op is going even further by piloting two used gear pop-up stores in Manhattan Beach, CA, and Conshohocken, PA.

Used gear is always a better buy for the environment than new gear, and that’s factoring into REI’s decision making here too.

“Having a robust used gear business helps reduce the Co-op’s overall impact on the environment as we work to achieve our climate and zero waste objectives,” said Ken Voeller, REI manager of new business development and recommerce.

You can peruse the current used offerings, here.

We here at AJ think used gear and gear rentals have a huge future in the outdoor gear marketplace, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

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