Our New Favorite Fireside Blanket

Takibi, in Japanese, means something like “to gather with friends around a fire.” Sounds pretty good to us. Snow Peak, the Japanese apparel and camp gear manufacturer, has a line of fabrics they’re calling Tabiki that are engineered to be fire resistant. Now they’re pairing with Rumpl, maker of down blankets, on a collab called the Takibi Blanket that promises to be a warm, easily stowable blanket, that’s made with Snow Peak’s Tabiki fire resistant material.

The fire resistance comes from a material called aramid, woven into the fabric of the blanket. Insulation isn’t down this time, but Nanoloft, a 100% post consumer recycled synthetic insulation that mimics down. Close to the warmth of down, but with a fire resistant shell that keeps burn holes from flying embers to a minimum. Plus, if you leave it out all night and wake up to a cold, dewy morning, you can still wrap yourself in it for warmth, unlike a traditional down blanket once damp.

Snow Peak’s products are universally well made with excellent attention to detail, so even though this is just a blanket, you just know every stitch and seam has been well thought out. We’re stoked to try this puppy out once temperatures finally drop enough to sit around a fire with a blanket, here out West.

BUY $300

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