No Roof Rack? Pssh, No Problem, Says Sea to Summit’s Inflatable Rack

The best piece of gear isn’t always the sexiest, most flashy thing on the online marketplace shelves, but it always solves a problem. That’s the case with Sea to Summit’s Pack Rack, a smart little soft rack system for any vehicle.

The rack is simple. Inflatable tubes cushion your cargo and protect the roof of your vehicle. Strong nylon straps connect inside the vehicle, tightening down the tubes above. Each tube is loaded with daisy chain attachment points to help secure your goods with whatever method of tie downs you want. The whole system packs down to a 4-liter sack, roughly the size of a Nalgene bottle, that universal measurements in the outdoors.

Sadly, these are not my arms.

I’ve used to carry surfboards, wood, and a kayak on my wife’s Rav4 that has rails, but no hard racks. It takes about five minutes to get the tubes pumped up and installed, then I use standard tie down straps to secure the load, usually a surfboard or two.

I rarely drive around with surfboards on the roof, preferring to transport them inside my car, so the racks are only used occasionally when the whole family is headed to the beach. A few quick passes with the straps and presto, roof rack is ready to go. A perfect solution to the problem of how to get the boards on the roof. See? Great gear just solves a problem.

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– Justin Housman, online editor

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