Bring On the Emissions-Free Overlanders, Like The New Mercedes EQC 4×4 EV

For the 2021 model year, Mercedes has introduced the all-electric EQC, an SUV with all-wheel-drive and roughly a 200-mile range. It’s luxurious and expensive and very much a Mercedes. Cool.

But what’s attracted our attention is the off-road version of the EQC, the 4×4².

It’s basically the EQC, just with twice the ground clearance, off-road designed axles, computerized off-road driving modes, an electronic limited slip differential, and of course big meaty tires and suspension.

Mercedes has no plans to sell this beast widely anytime soon, but, according to the host of the below video, Mercedes is planning to sell an EV version of the G-Wagen, an immensely capable off-roader that can easily challenge the Land Rover for pure capability.

It really does feel like we’re on the precipice of emissions-free off-road capable vehicles. Of course, still have to address range and where in the heck you can recharge, but for weekend missions into the backcountry, where you want to go a few dozen miles into some deep, deep remoteness, one of these rigs would quite easily suffice.

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