We’d like to introduce ourselves so you know who’s bringing you Adventure Journal. AJ is comprised of me, Steve Casimiro, and Joni Casimiro and Justin Housman, who is family now but lives too far to be in the shot. That’s it. Everything you see in print, online, or social comes from the three of us (plus amazing contributors, of course). Why is that important? Because when we ask for your support, you should know where that support is going. Subscribing to AJ doesn’t make some rich guy richer, it enables us to pay writers and photographers, make a modest living, and strive to create the best outdoor magazine, period.

Here’s the deal. Adventure Journal will not last if we don’t get more subscribers to our printed quarterly. Print is where we put our best stories. It’s the flagship of all we stand for. And it’s where we get most of the revenue that lets you enjoy our digital content for free. We have been blessed by wonderfully supportive subscribers, but it is a fact that we don’t have enough of them for long-term viability.

tl;dr Just let me subscribe now!

We’re hanging in there, but our future depends on more folks stepping up and subscribing. We currently have 4,500 subscribers. We need a minimum of 7,000—and 10,000 is where we really need to be. And since our “marketing department” is me asking, we’re only going to get there if I do ask, and ask often.

I understand that only a small percentage of readers and followers will subscribe, but here are the numbers: 430,000 unique visitors to our site every month. 1.3 million monthly views on Pinterest and 90,000 followers. Twitter: 73,000 followers. Facebook: 91,000. Instagram: 28,000. When I look at that, I think, only 4,500 subscribers? If we made a crappy magazine, okay. But our renewal rate is 98-99%. The people who subscribe almost never stop. One only need look at the comments when I make these “asks” to see that subscribers think AJ in print is special.

We don’t have a deadline, but I project we need 7,000 within a year and 10,000 the year after. That’s 208 new subscribers a month, or 7 a day. Doable, right? Only if I ask every three weeks or so. Ha. Haha.

These are difficult times for many; they are difficult times for us, too. Our subscription price already includes free shipping to US addresses and 17 percent off the cover price. We can’t cut it any deeper. BUT, if you subscribe now and order the current issue (which includes free shipping), we’ll include a free three-pack of our pocket notebooks and an AJ sticker.

Please subscribe. It’s not exaggeration to say we can’t do it without you.

Steve Casimiro
Editor and VP of Marketing + Asking

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Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal. Follow him on Instagram at @stevecasimiro.

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