Missing 80-Year-Old Hiker Shows Up at News Conference About His Disappearance

Harry Harvey left his home last Sunday for a hike in northern England’s Northern Dales. He was hiking with a partner when they became separated in a fierce hailstorm. Harvey became disoriented and as it grew dark, he realized he’d be forced to spend the night. A frequent and experienced hiker, he’d packed a bag with enough gear to stay warm.

A good thing as he would end up spending three nights wild camping in the Northern Dales.

His family grew despondent and expected the worst; Harvey, though experienced, is 80 and the weather was terrible. They called a news conference at a pub to ask the public for any help. Just as they sat down in front of the cameras, Harvey arrived, courtesy of local rescuers who knew the family was preparing to ask for help.

“This morning, we did not expect to have this result,” said a rescuer. “We really thought we were looking for an unfortunate end to this matter.”

Other than a scrape on the forehead from a fall, Harvey rather enjoyed himself. Three solo nights camping, with all well except for poor weather and a lack of food.

“I had three really good, wild camping nights where I was on my own and had all the kit I needed,” he said.

“He’s had a blast and we’ve had a nightmare,” Harvey’s daughter-in-law said. “He’s grounded,” Harvey’s son added. “[He’s] not going anywhere now.”

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