Griz Cubs Stop Cars For Very Important Job of Playing With Traffic Cones

Also known as Beary Katherine, Bear 399 is a 24-year-old Grizzly who lives in Grand Teton National Park. She’s pretty famous, as far as bears go, with her own Facebook and Twitter followers and everything. 399 is well-known around the park for often being in proximity to people, though she’s never raised a paw in anger toward the weed bipeds pointing cameras her way incessantly. She’s raised 16 cubs and grand cubs, and currently is raising a litter of four.

Yesterday those four cubs emerged from the woods near a popular park road, drawn to the irresistible orange traffic cones marking off the shoulder. Can you blame them? Ridiculously fun things to play with. Who among us hasn’t exited their car to roll around on the asphalt and bat around these silly things.

The cubs stopped traffic to engage in the far more important activity of play, oblivious, or at least, unconcerned, with the dozens of people having their Instagram dreams fulfilled.

Just check out the video below, narrated by, apparently, a disc jockey at a local Americana radio station, possibly a local NPR affiliate. Quite a soothing play-by-play.

– Justin Housman

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