Thinking About Using Your Neck Gaiter As a Coronavirus Mask? Don’t

It’s tempting, it really is, to repurpose your Buff or other neck gaiter as a face mask in this time of coronavirus, especially when you’re running or riding. But a new study from Duke University in North Carolina suggests that using a gaiter is worse than no mask at all. The reason is that when you exhale, the gaiter’s fibers can split droplets into smaller particles, which lets them hang in the air longer, where others can inhale them. For general protection, it’s better to use a three-layer mask or mask/filter combo like this one from Buff or this one from Kitsbow or this one from Outdoor Research.

For additional perspectives on the study, check out this story from Science News and this one from Wired.

Added: Video from Duke University Health on the making of the study and its results

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