There’s a New SPOT Device in Town, Meet the Gen4

SPOT devices helped kickstart the idea of a simple, reliable, and affordable way to call for help in the backcountry or just alert loved ones that you’re safe and sound while way, way out there. SPOT devices drop digital breadcrumbs so you can track your adventures or let people see your location on a map, and can communicate with a dedicated satellite network to alert SAR teams if you are in a life or death emergency way in the boonies.

In recent years, they’ve unveiled the SPOT X, a two-way messenger device that allows the user to send text messages via satellite, similar to Garmin’s InReach. We prefer the InReach to the SPOT X in that capacity, but the reliable, simple, and affordable SPOT devices that simply relay location and can call for help, are very attractive if you just want the basics, and, especially, don’t want to be tempted to send text messages when you’d really rather be very far from the digital world.

And today, SPOT launches the Gen4, a more capable, robust SPOT device that doesn’t offer text messaging capability, but rather builds on the foundation of the original SPOT device.

The Gen4 adds a burlier build, longer battery life, increased water resistance, and a more detailed, layered mapping system that allows multiple viewing layers for both someone watching from home, and for the user to examine after getting back from a trip. Tracking functions also allow the user to build a digital fence so if they appear out of a designated zone, an alert is triggered. Same deal if the SPOT reveals that the user hasn’t moved in a set amount of time, indicating they’ve lost mobility for one reason or another. Pretty cool function.

We’ll get our hands on one for a review soon, but in the meantime, you can pick one up here ($150).

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