Now Here’s the Cheaper, ‘Baby’ Bronco Sport Looking Very Impressive

The Bronco Sport comes out, theoretically, in 2021. It’s the small member of the Bronco family, designed a bit more for those who want good off-road capability out of, say, a Honda CR-V, than those who are salivating over the bigger, tougher, Wrangler-fighter (and likely, beater) real-deal Bronco.

But clearly, the Bronco Sport is no slouch in the get-you-to-wherever-you-want-to-go department. The base model Bronco Sport starts at around $28k, and, aside from an extra inch in ground clearance for the more expensive Badlands trim (from 7.9 inches in the regular spec up to 8.8 inches—Subaru Outback territory—in the Badlands).

There aren’t a whole lot of options out there, in this country at least, for people who want a compact, boxy off-roader that’s plenty comfy for someone who lives in a city and doesn’t have space to house a bigger SUV. The Jeep Renegade, maybe. Or, technically the Land Rover Evoque, but that’s a whole different world.

Check out the Bronco Sport looking pretty impressive below, at Hell’s Revenge, outside Moab. Obviously, 100% of people who buy this rig aren’t looking to rock crawl like this, but it’s nice to know what capabilities you’re getting if you’re thinking of the Sport as a compact overlander.

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