Do Some Off-Road Distance Learning This Weekend With a Virtual Overland Expo

Overland Expo is about as close to a summer camp for vehicular adventurers as it gets. Twice per year, people and their off-road rigs show up to compare builds, learn new skills, see new gear, meet their adventuring heroes, and make friends. Obviously, that’s not happening right now because of the pandemic.

But the organizers are still putting on a show. Starting tomorrow, August 8, you can tune into the @OverlandExpo YouTube channel to watch a series of scheduled programs that cab build driving and packing knowledge and that tell some cool stories. There’s a film festival, too. Plus, if you submit a picture of your adventure vehicle, at the Overland Expo website, you can win prized and, perhaps, envious admiration.

Check out the offerings, here.

Photo: Christian Schrader

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