Nazaré, Portugal, is a small fishing town in a crook of the Atlantic coast. Other than being charming, and possessing a giant funicular, the town itself is largely unremarkable. But just offshore of town, the ocean floor plunges into an erratic canyon, that funnels winter swell energy right at Nazaré’s Praia do Norte, a beach, just, well, north of town. You may have seen footage in recent years of tiny people streaking down the face of dark, black waves, impossibly tall. What you probably didn’t see, was the head of Kalani Lattanzi bobbing, waiting patiently between mammoth waves. Kalani likes to bodysurf Nazaré, a truly astonishing feat. This is a trailer for Kalani: Gift From Heaven. The full film, made by Nuno Dias, is available on the iTunes store.


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