The NEMO Stargaze Is the Perfect Chair to Gaze at Comet NEOWISE

Have you seen NEOWISE yet? Streaking through the sky, well, through space, actually, it looks pretty stationary up there in the stars, but you get the idea. You don’t need anything but dark skies and eyeballs to see the comet, but binoculars and a good place to sit are nice.

For the past few months, my go-to sitting space has been the NEMO Stargaze. It reclines, it rocks, it’s plenty wide and super comfy, and if you want to lean back and just stare into space, it’s the perfect chair.

I say it rocks, but really, it’s a swinging motion. The seat and the back are stretched between two posts, so it’s almost like a hammock for your backside. When you lean back, the back stretches via adjustable straps, so it allows you to recline nice and low. The poles are very sturdy, this chair will outlive me, no question. Everything packs up nicely in a little bag, and you can sling it over your shoulder and be on your way.

The comfort level is great. I’m on the tall side at about 6’2″ and I kind of overwhelm the chair a bit, but I still adore it. Anybody at 5’11” and under will likely find it beyond spacious.

On a recent week-long trip to a few dispersed campsites in Northern California, I spent each evening swinging comfortably, binoculars at my eyes, NEOWISE filling the view, the chair gently swaying. It’s perfect for doing exactly what it says, stargazing. Or, comet gazing, rather.

BUY • $150

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