Okay, Fine, Here’s a Little Peek at the New Ford Bronco

Sure, this is wrapped up in a looooong Ford commercial for the Bronco, leaning hard into the model’s history. Which is a solid one. If you like off-road travel, you almost certainly have a soft spot for the boxy, two-door original Bronco, which will set you back at least $20,000 for a well-restored version. The bigger generations that came later, aren’t as universally beloved, but even the rather plain 1980s edition are beginning to fetch top dollar on the used market.

So there’s plenty of excitement out there about the all-new Bronco, set to be officially revealed later this month. You’ve maybe already seen photos of prototypes, but now there’s video of what are certain to be pretty dang close to what will be flying off dealer’s lots when they go on sale.

Interestingly, Ford is turning the Bronco into its own “brand” apparently sort of like Jeep is for Chrysler. Also, this video confirms the three versions will be a two-door with apparently removable doors, a four-door to compete with SUVs, and a Sport, which we’d guess is a softer, pavement-friendly grocery getter that will get you to the slopes with no fuss in the winter.

The two-door looks pretty fun, a good size for off-roading, and potentially relatively fuel-efficient, assuming it uses Ford’s turbocharged four cylinder motor.

With full-size trucks still dominating sales across the country, and overloading reaching a cultural apex, expect there to be non-stop coverage of the new Bronco in the coming months. Until, check out the video below.

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