Go Fast Campers Launches Awesome-Looking Lightweight Rooftop Tent

We were sorta late to the rooftop tent (RTT) party here at AJ, until our online editor Justin Housman picked one up from Yakima (review forthcoming). It took exactly one night—actually even just an afternoon nap in the tent, to convince him he’d never go back to sleeping on the ground when car camping.

But they have drawbacks.

They’re heavy and require two people to put on or take off a car’s roof. A few brands require you to bolt them onto the car’s roof, making removal even more time consuming. Also, they cost a couple thousand bucks, typically, once factoring in rack upgrades it often takes to ensure your vehicle can support the weight. Then there’s wind resistance, wind noise, and just generally having a 100-plus pound rectangle fixed to the roof.

There have been hard shell RTTs before, but Go Fast Campers, a Montana-based outfit known for their rugged, lightweight campers designed for off-roading, has just released their new SuperLite hardshell tent and the specs—and price—are outstanding.

The tent weighs 80 pounds, still a lot but much easier to wrangle than some 120-pound RTTs out there, and is only 6-inches high when folded down, a slim profile that will help driving dynamics, gas mileage, and storage when you’ve stowed the thing for the winter.

Reportedly, the sleeping area is 50” x 90” with 50″ of headroom. While most RTTs you buy come with cushy mattresses, the SuperLite is minimal and stripped way down to save you money, so you’ll need to provide your own mattress or pad, or buy one from them.

And here’s that super low, phenomenal price (relatively speaking, yes we know it’s a lot of money): $1,199. Or, $1,479 with an air mattress included.

If you have your eyes on the new Bronco, this is one of the few RTTs that can be attached to it’s thin roofline—keep these in mind.

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