France Rejects Ebike Ad Because It Creates ‘Anxiety’ About Cars

France has a self-regulating industry organization that approves all advertisements before they appear, called the Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité (ARPP), and the group has just rejected an ad from a Dutch ebike brand, saying that it creates a “climate of anxiety” about the car industry. The ad, below, features a vehicle overlaid with images of industry, traffic, and car crashes, which then melts into an ebike from VanMoof.

“We cannot afford to put entire sectors in a bad light,” said the chairman of the ARPP. Not said: That France just announced a nearly $9 billion plan to rescue the country’s auto industry, which is struggling through a covid-based slump.

Meanwhile, the VanMoof ad has been seen nearly two million times on YouTube and its February to April sales were double the same period in 2019.

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