Dave Rastovich seems made-up. A cheesy but likable character in a poorly written Hollywood surf movie. Once a competitive contest circuit surfer, and one of the brightest talents in surfing, he walked away from the “grind” of competing, to instead earn a living traveling and surfing perfect waves for cameras. He still does that, sort of, a couple decades later. Now, he’s mostly known for his strident environmental stances; indeed he’s one of Australia’s most vocal ocean and land conservationists. From flashy neon contest jersey to dreadlocks and super clean living on a farm, “Rasta” is a cherished figure among surfers who care deeply about the environment. In this film, “Inside This Soft World,” from Nathan Oldfield, he shows off not only his unreal surf ability, but also that riding a sustainably made surfboard from non-toxic materials doesn’t round off any of the sharpest edges of performance. Plus, it’s just a freaking beautiful little film.


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