Ever Seen a Honda Fit Built Into a Kickass Overlander? You Have Now

Don’t know much about this guy other than that his name is Jeff, he bought a 2011 Honda Fit a couple years back, wrecked it, then figured, what the hell, let’s overland this bad boy.

He knows his way around cars and loves getting out and having adventures, so he figured he’d put two and two together with his now-project Honda. He raised it, clad it in body armor, added lighting, big meaty AT tires, and a winch. Jeff has realistic expectations of what his little rig can do, though we guarantee it’s way more than you probably would think at the outset. An adult can easily sleep in a Fit, as the seats fold totally flat.

He has a YouTube page filled with videos of cruising around and camping in pretty remote areas in California, Nevada, and Utah, among other places. The music isn’t the best, but you kinda can’t help but be charmed. That’s one sweet little Fit.

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